Mitch Morgan


The Assistant Trail Boss assumes all the duties of the Trail Boss in the event the Trail boss is absent or unable to perform his duties

Mitch Morgan has been a member of the Salt Grass Trail Association since 1972, riding with Wagon 20, “Double M Trailriders”, with his parents Charlie and Alice Morgan.  Mitch has held the positions of Scout, Scout Sergeant, and Scout Lieutenant.  In 2006 he followed in his Dad’s footsteps as Chief of Scouts, the first time in the history of the Salt Grass Trail for a Father and Son to hold the same position.  In 2001, Mitch was awarded Top Trail Rider of the Salt Grass Trail.  Mitch’s daughters, son, and grandchildren ride with Double M as well.  Mitch grew up around horses and has a talent for training them; he also trims and shoes his own horses.  Mitch is self-employed and runs a hot shot company, MGM Trucking, out of Hempstead Texas.