The Campsite Boss has all the responsibility of setting up all campgrounds. This is one of the most demanding jobs of all. He has to plan the arrangement of 400 to 500 (plus) vehicles, most with trailers and 1/3 of them motor homes, in a small amount of acreage. Also, he must maintain an information station on a 24 - hour basis.

Ronnie Havemann

Ronnie first rode the Salt Grass Trail as a camp cook in 1986 for the Rounders, Wagon 21. Ronnie has held many positions with the Rounders including Wagon Boss/Assistant Wagon Boss 1994 to present.  After several years of cooking, he was persuaded to mule skin for the Rounders. Over the years Ronnie has become the voice of wisdom and leadership in the Rounders camp. When his friend and fellow Houston Firefighter Robert Ater, SGT Campsite Boss since 2000, was promoted to the position of Wagon Boss, he recommended Ronnie for the position of SGT Campsite Boss. Ronnie has often helped Robert scout and mark campsites, and his many years of moving rigs along the route add to his strong qualification for the role. Ronnie looks forward to the challenge this role presents and his Rounder friends are certain he will be successful. Ronnie’s family Franny, 2 sons Brian & Nichols, daughter Amanda, stepdaughter Lisa, 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.