David. P. Meador

David has been a member of the Salt Grass Trail Ride since 1983.  He has held many positions with the trail ride, including Assistant Wagon Boss-1996, Utility Boss-1997-98, Assistant Trail Boss-1999, Trail Boss-2000-2002, and Chairman of the Executive Committee-2003-2005.  David is self-employed in Hempstead, Texas.  He and his family - wife Janice, son David L. Meador, and daughter Melissa Loftin ride with Wagon 11, "Are You Lazy Two".  David's father-in-law, Fred Chapman, brought David and his son on board with the Salt Grass Trail many years ago.  Fred was one of the original riders of the Salt Grass, beginning in 1953, and passed away in June of 2002.  Fred's grandson, David's son David L. Meador, will continue the tradition and keep Wagon 11 rolling on the Salt Grass Trail in honor of his grandfather's memory.