James "Bull" Goetzman

James has been a member of the Salt Grass Trail Ride since 1974.  He has held the offices of Trail Boss - 2002-05, Assistant Trail Boss -2000-02, Livestock Boss -1990-93, Chief of Scouts - 1998-99, and Chairman of the Executive Committee-2006-2008. He serves as Wagon Boss for "Rocking H Riders", Wagon 10. James's wife Jerilu and daughters Jennifer and Julie also ride the Salt Grass Trail Ride each year. James is a retired Houston Firefighter of 32 years and resides in Sealy, Texas. He began riding the Salt Grass Trail Ride with the Hack Saw riders in 1974-75, and then rode with the Rounders in 1976-77. James also spent many fun filled years serving as Wagon Boss for Wagon 1.  Having filled many roles on the Salt Grass, under a number of Trail Bosses, James is looking forward to serving as part of the Advisory Board.