Leonard "Poncho" Dismukes

Poncho was the second Trail Boss 2006-2008 elected from Brenham to lead the Salt Grass Trail into Houston.  He follows in the steps of Reese Lockett from the original 1952 ride beginning in Brenham to promote the Houston Fat Stock Show and Rodeo.  Poncho has been a member of the Salt Grass Trail Ride since 1979. He has made many contributions to the ride over the years.  Since his first ride, he has served as Wagon Boss for the “Long Neck Riders”, Wagon 23.  He held the offices of Assistant Trail Boss from 2002-05, and Utility Boss from 2000-02, and was voted Top Trail Rider for the year 1990.  Poncho’s wife, Julie, and sons, Chad and Cole, also participate in the ride each year.  Poncho drives a truck for the Sealy Mattress Company in Brenham.  The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo™ Trail Ride Committee voted the Salt Grass Trail Ride Best Trail Ride in 2006, 2007 and 2008 under Poncho’s leadership as Trail Boss.  Poncho attributes the ride’s success to the commitment of his fellow riders, scouts, wagon bosses, assistant trail bosses, and board of directors.