The Utility Boss has to provide water at all campsites and distribute porta-cans along the trail route and at the campsites.

H. Dan Johnston

Dan has represented the Salt Grass Broad of Directors for three years as the Chuck Wagon Boss and is now serving his fifth year as the SGT Utility Boss. Dan has ridden the Salt Grass Trail Ride since 1989 with Wagon 7, "The Magnificent Seven".  He began riding the weekends with Wagon 7 as guest of his brother, Mike Johnston, and father, Hale Johnston, who began riding in the 50's.  Then in 1989, Dan joined Wagon 7 for the full week's ride. Dan's wife, Tammy and children, Carson and Jamie, also enjoy riding with Wagon 7 as often as possible.  Dan practices Law in Houston with Sullins & Johnston, P.C. and manages the family ranch in Liberty County.