There's a big ride comin' up;
Second month of each year
It's full of tradition;
And we hold it so dear.

"The Grand-daddy of 'em all"
We proudly proclaim,
"The Salt Grass Trail"
Is the Big ride's name.

When the "Salt Grass" started
Back in 1952,
There was only one wagon
And the riders were few.

Now the ride's got so big,
You might call it "gigantic",
That puttin' it on,
Sometimes gets frantic.

The ride's overseers;
All volunteers,
Deserve lots of thanks,
Hoorays and Cheers!!!

The "Salt Grass" has a purpose,
As all trail riders know,
To lead the parade,
For the big rodeo.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Is the biggest and best
Promotion of Agriculture
And of the old "Wild West"

Come ride with us once,
And this much I know'
When next year rol;ls around,
Salt Grass Ridin' you'll go.

Written by the late
Bill Holmes