Wagon 1
"LH7 Legacy Riders"

Wagon Boss:Kyra Vaughan Nathro
Assistant Wagon Boss: Allen Lynch
Mule Skinner: Allen Lynch


The Marks Family Wagon owned by 4th generation Marks, Kyra Vaughan Natho and Marla Bundick Susik, was the original lone wagon that started with the first Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1952.
On that ride were E.H. Marks, Assistant Trail Boss and wagon owner, Reese Lockett, Trail Boss from Brenham, Pat Flaherty, of Houston's Channel 2 who served as Wagon Boss and
John Warnasch who was Mr. Marks' ranch foreman and served as the first muleskinner for the Salt Grass Trail. Currently 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generations of the Marks family actively
participate in the ride. Kyra and Marla continue to carry on the legacy of the original riders especially honoring there Great Grandfather, E.H. Marks. The Marks Family Group Wagon
has served as lead wagon since that first ride and has never missed a day on the trail. E.H. Marks' children, Atha Marks Dimon, Maudeen Marks and Travis Marks have participated in
the ride since the early years. Atha Marks Dimon participated in the ride until her passing at age 99 on Christmas eve of 2009. She started riding in 1953 and never missed a ride.
She was known to all of us as Mother, Grammy and Ms. Atha. She was a great example to us all as a Salt Grass Trail member and a lady. Mrs. Dimon recently won Most Knowledgeable
Woman Trail Rider in 2008 at 97 years old when she rode the entire ride with her family and friends. She has also been awarded Outstanding Trail Rider as has Suzanne Marks Steffens.
Jeanne Marks has also won Most Knowledgeable Woman Trail Rider on more than one occaision as has Mrs, Dimon, Dick Dimon; Dick Dimon received the award for Oldest Male Rider
in 1989 and Wagon 1 has receivedmany Youngest Riders awards throughout the years. Our goal is to promote agriculture and the Houston Livestock and Rodeo.