Wagon 10
"Rocking H Riders"

Wagon Boss: "James "Bull" Goetzman
Assistant Wagon Boss: Nino Boswell
Mule Skinner:


The Rocking H Trailriders joined the Salt Grass Trail in the mid 1950s as Bubba's Bandits, and the wagon has rolled every year on the Salt Grass Trail since that time.  In the mid 1980s, when Bubba Roth passed away, the wagon changed names and became the Rocking H.  At that time Bubba's nephew, Herman Roth, became owner and operator of the wagon.  By 2000, the group had reached 75 riders, and Herman and his wife Darlene selected James and Jerilu Goetzman to lead the group.
The Goetzmans purchased the equipment, and Wagon 10 has remained a family group of riders that enjoy friendship and camaraderie.  Jerilu has made the Salt Grass Trail Ride for 31 years and held the Executive Offices of Scribe with the Salt Grass Trail from 1990 to 2002, and Public Relations and Special Events Chairman from 1979 to 1987.  Wagon 10 has produced two Salt Grass Trail Bosses - Herman Roth (1985-1987) and James Goetzman (2003-2005).  Mr. Roth participated in the Salt Grass Trail Ride until his death in July 2002.  Charles Merian won both Top Trail Rider and Trail Horse while he was a member of wagon 10. Charles' wife Marsha Merian also won Best Trail Horse and Cheyenne Hirsch received the Youngest Trail Rider in 2003 and 2004. James and Jerilu's granddaughter Taylor will soon to be following her grandparent’s footsteps along the trai