Wagon 11
"Are You Lazy Two"

Wagon Boss: David L. Meador
Assistant Wagon Boss: Delphine Merkel
Mule Skinner: David Meador


Fred Chapman was the founder and original owner of Wagon 11, "Are You Lazy Two". Mr. Chapman rode his first Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1953, and never missed a ride until his death in June 2002. Chapman's grandson, David L. Meador, continues the tradition as Wagon Boss for Are You Lazy Two. Chapman's son-in-law, David P. Meador, was Trail Boss of the Salt Grass Ride in 2000 to 2002, then served as the Chairman of the Executive Board and currently serves on the Board of Directors' Advisory Board.
Some riders say it is not the same without Fred, who always spun a yarn, told tall tales and kept everyone in line.  "If you saw him comin', you'd better start runnin," say some group members.
The wagon has about 30 riders. Assistant Wagon Boss, Delphine Merkel has made the Salt Grass Trail Ride for 40 years, longest of any Are You Lazy Two member.  The wagon name, "Are You Lazy Two" was Fred Chapman's way of making a point about trail rides - You can be lazy and enjoy the ride with a lifetime of memories...there's no reason to get in a hurry. Wagon 11 contributes to many charitable events