Wagon 12
"Somerville Yegua Riders"

Wagon Boss: J.C. Thompson
Assistant Wagon Boss: Mark Temple
Mule Skinner: Char Kincaid; Char also assists with

Salt Grass Publications


The Yegua (pronounced YAY-WAH) riders joined the Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1954. Originating in Somerville - the same wagon is still going down the trail 56 years later. The wagon name comes from the Spanish word "mare" and our logo honors several Indian tribes that settled in the Somerville area.
Known for its friendship, good times and outstanding riders, Wagon 12's members include notable awards such as Clem "Bubba" Lednicky. Jr. Best Trail Horse 1988, Charles Lewis, Youngest Rider 1987,1988,1992, Marsha Merian-Best Trail Horse 1991, Ann Wight-Top Trail Rider 1994, Dick Moore-Best Trail Horse 1998, JC Thompson-Top Trail Rider 1999.  Rachel Varner- Best Trail Horse  2010 We are also honored to have Lt. of Scouts, George Wight, Lt. of Scouts, Grover James and, Scout, James Temple riding with us.  Yegua Riders are always looking for that "Next Trail Ride" to get together and start the party as we participate in several rides during the year. Come join us!