"Rocking 21"

Wagon Boss: Jimmy Hooper
Assistant Wagon Boss: Mickie Hooper
Mule Skinners:
Jimmy & Mickie Hooper


The Rockin’ 21 wagon joined the Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1960. The wagon is named for and dedicated to the memory of Elmer Hooper, who was a member of the Rough Riders and wore button number 21 on the Salt Grass Trail Ride.
The wagon and mule team are owned by his nephew, Jimmy Hooper (also a former Rough Rider). The wagon is driven by Jimmy and his wife, Mickie. The group is now led by Wagon Boss, Jimmy Hooper and Assistant Wagon Boss, Mickie Hooper.
In the past, the wagon has won the honor of Salt Grass Trail Best Looking Wagon. They have about 15-20 riders. The group is a laid back, easy going bunch.