Wagon 16
"Broken Wheel"

Wagon Boss: Lisa Ahrlett
Assistant Wagon Boss: Mary Belyeu
Mule Skinners:
Jeff Wilson & Lisa Ahrlett


The Broken Wheel Riders joined the Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1962 under founding wagon boss Foster McKnight. The wagon was then passed down to Donald “Duck” Belyeu, who had ridden since 1964. In 2008 he handed the reins over to his daughter Lisa Ahrlett.
This tight-knit group of approximately 40 riders comes from all over Texas every year to ride the trail and catch up with their “trail ride family”. Their riders have truly forged a family-like bond that would have been impossible to form without their dearly missed Riders in the Sky: Foster McKnight, Donald Belyeu, Dawn Belyeu and Pam Belyeu Buckmaster. The group’s youngest riders are 4 year old Cooper Massar and 2 year old Marshall McLain. Their best aged rider is Mrs. Pat Fendley, who hasn’t missed a ride since 1968. Broken Wheel has had the same wagon and name since they started in 1962, and they have never missed a year on the trail. The name Broken Wheel has suited them well over the years as they have ridden through a couple of rides and even a parade with a real broken wheel, but thanks to Duck’s ingenuity they never let it stop them from completing a day’s ride!