Wagon 19
"The Rockin B Ranch"

Wagon Boss: Robert Burns
Assistant Wagon Boss: Lee Walton
Mule Skinner: Robert Burns


Ray Holcomb started Wagon 19 in 1992. Most of the group's 35 riders come from Manvel area. Holcomb is the group's oldest rider and has made the Salt Grass Trail Ride for more than 40 years.  Wagon 19's youngest rider and future Wagon Boss is Robert Dungan, Robert Burn's Grandson.  Robert Burns, the group's Wagon Boss and mule skinner took over Wagon 19 from Ray Holcomb in 2002.  Robert was awarded the Salt Grass Trail Ride's Top Trail Rider award for 2004.  Wagon 19 Wagon 19 proudly shares their horses in activities helping special needs individuals throughout each year.