Wagon 2
"LH7 Bed Roll Wagon"

Wagon Boss:Marla Bundick Susik
Assistant Wagon Boss: Holly Hibbeler
Mule Skinner:


A Marks Familt Wagon owned bt 4th generation Marks, Kyra Vaughan Nathro and Marla Bundick Susik. This wagon was added in 1954 which preceded the information of the chartered association as was to carry the bedrolls, tents, and
other supples necessary for the ride. Maudeen Marks (Daughter of E.H. Marks was one of the first riders and owned Wagon 2 for many years. She handled the publicity for the Salt Grass Trail Association for many years and was even known
to stand in the river bedto report the progress of the ride. Among many other accomplishments and contributions, Maudeen is responsible that the song "Riding down the Salt Grass Trail" was written and is now sung during the ride. It can certainly
be said that Maudeen was one of a kind and the mold was broken when she was made! She was a colorful and poetic person. Maudeen Martha Marks is no longer with us and will always be remembered as a great asset to the
Salt Grass Trail Association.