Wagon 20
"Double "M" Trail Riders - DR-20"

Wagon Boss: Mitch Morgan
Assistant Wagon Boss: Cam Morgan
Mule Skinner: "Cam Morgan


Charlie Morgan and his father, Floyd Morgan, rode the Salt Grass Trail Ride on horseback with Julias Collier from Tomball for many years.  Floyd Morgan wanted to drive his own wagon, so Charlie purchased the wagon for his dad in 1975. Floyd was able to fulfill his dream and drove the Double "M" wagon for the 1975 Salt Grass Trail Ride before he passed away in August of that year.  Charlie takes pride in honoring his father's wish by keeping the wagon on the Salt Grass Trail all these years.  At 80, Charlie is the group's oldest rider, and his great-grand children Morgan, Colton, Wyatt, EJay, Jacob and Corrina are the youngest riders and represent the fifth generation of the Double M tradition.
In 1981 the "Double M" won the Best Wagon award, and in 2001, Mitch Morgan was awarded Top Trail Rider.  Charlie and his son, Mitch Morgan, have ridden the Salt Grass Trail together for more than 30 years. Charlie is on the Salt Grass Trail Ride Executive Board as the Livestock Boss, and served as Chief of Scouts for many years. His son Mitch carried on the tradition by serving as the Chief of Scouts for 6 years. This was the first time in the history of the Salt Grass Trail that a father and son have each held this position.  Mitch now serves as the Assistant Trail Boss for the Salt Grass Trail. Jeremiah “JJ” Horn, son-in-law of Mitch Morgan, also takes great pride in representing the Double M as a Scout for the Salt Grass Trail.
The "Double M" name comes from Floyd Morgan and Charlie Morgan. "Double M" will be extended to represent Mitch Morgan and his son Cam Morgan in future years. DR-20 is a new symbol added in 2005 in honor of Dusty Rhodes, a lifelong friend to the Morgan’s, and a fellow Scout representing the "Double M" wagon on the Salt Grass Trail. Dusty Rhodes' horse D-9 was awarded Top Trail Horse in 2005. Corrina Lednicky was awarded Youngest Girl Rider for 2011, and Wyatt Horn was awarded Youngest Boy for 2011 Double M is very proud of each winner!