Wagon 21

Wagon Boss: Dave Ingels
Assistant Wagon Boss: Ronnie Havemann
Mule Skinner:


Frank Majorwitz, Billy Baichtal, Fenton Hauck, Ron Johnson, Jeff Lehmann, and a few other Salt Grass Trail riders founded the Rounders in 1973 with the purpose of promoting western heritage, friendship, and fellowship and preserving the past while preparing for the future.  The group was called the Rounders, after the expert horsemen who rode out to round up stray cattle in the days of the American cattle drives.
The Rounders have contribute to and participate in numerous charitable trail rides and events each year, including Fort Bend County's Trail Ride for the Autism Foundation, the Fort Worth Frontier Days Pony Express Roundup for Autism, the Gary Gene Schroeder Memorial Trail Ride in Anderson and “Adopt a Hero” for our wounded soldiers.
The Rounders' Annual Shane Harris Memorial Poker Ride, held the first weekend of October in honor of one of the Rounders’ Riders in the Sky, benefits a scholarship fund for aspiring firefighters attending Fire Training School at Texas A&M University in College Station.
In more than 30 consecutive years of riding the Salt Grass Trail, the Rounders have won numerous awards, including Best Wagon and Best Showmanship. Two Rounders have won Best Trail Horse awards - Jaynie Carrens on “Sundance” in 1986, and Stan Moss on “Toro” in 2002. Youngest Girl Rider awards were presented to Ashley Johnson in 2001 and Hali Belcher in 2002. In 1991 & 2004, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Parade Committee voted the Rounders Best Appearing Group. In 2005, Jeannine Templeton was recognized as the Most Knowledgeable and Experienced Woman of the Salt Grass Trail. In 2009, Dave Young from Livonia, NY won the award for Furthest Traveled inside the US. The Rounders are proud to recognize three Salt Grass Trail Bosses, James Goetzman, Bill Henry, and David Smith - as they were, and continue to be, part of the Rounders Family.