Wagon 22
"Monaville Bandits"

Wagon Boss: Richard Davis
Assistant Wagon Boss: William Money

Mule Skinner: Larry Dennison


The Monaville Bandits originated from a small community in Waller County. Riders however, come from several neighborhood counties & communities.  Richard Davis, son of Dickey & Sharon is following in his father’s footsteps as Wagon Boss.  Assistant Wagon Boss William Money has ridden with the Bandits for several years and also represents the Bandits as a Salt Grass Trail Scout.  William is a certified First Responder and serves as a member of the Safety Team.  Also riding with the Bandits and serves as a member of the Safety Team is Steve “Bubba” Peardon, brother of Sharon Davis.  Bubba is employed as an RN on the Administrative staff at Ben Taub Hospital.  Mule skinners, Larry Dennison along with several horseback riders have been riding every weekend preparing for the Big Ride. The Monaville Bandits are honored and very proud to have Dickey Davis representing the Salt Grass Trail as the 2012 Trail Boss.