Wagon 23
"Longneck Riders"

Wagon Boss: Chad M. Dismukes
Assistant Wagon Boss: Brett Schroeder
Mule Skinner: Cole Dismukes


The Long Neck Riders joined the Salt Grass Trail in 1979. The wagon now has approximately 50 riders, the oldest being Don Humphrey. Poncho Dismukes is the longest riding member, having made the Salt Grass Trail Ride for more than 30 years. The Long Neck Riders have won several awards along the Salt Grass Trail, 2nd Place Best Wagon in 1982, 1st Place Best Wagon in 1983 and 3rd Place Best Wagon in 1984. They also won Best Appearing Wagon for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade in 1982. The Long Neck Riders have had 6 Salt Grass Trail Top Trail Riders, Rueben Mikeska in 1989, Poncho Dismukes in 1990, E.C. Kennedy in 1992, Joe Landry in 2008, Brett Schroeder in 2010, and Chad Dismukes in 2011. Joe Landry also represents the Long Neck Riders as a Salt Grass Trail Scout. Along with being the founder of the Long Neck Riders, Poncho Dismukes currently represents the Salt Grass Trail Executive Committee on the board of directors.