Wagon 24
"Chappell Hill Cowpokes"

Wagon Boss: James Kubeczka
Assistant Wagon boss: Clifford Miller
Mule Skinner: Tom Kubeczka


Established in 1984 with only 10 riders, the Chappell Hill Cowpokes are currently a great group of about 45 members. Parents and children, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, as well as many friends, participate as one big family in this group. The Cowpokes do not meet a stranger!
The group name originated from the fact that a number of the charter members actually resided in Chappell Hill, Texas. 'Cowpokes' then added just the right touch to complete the name.
The group's oldest rider, Tom Kubeczka, has ridden the Salt Grass Trail for 46 years. The youngest Cowpoke is two-year old, Elaina Shupak, daughter of Terry and Laurie Shupak. Chappell Hill also has many distinguished riders – 2011’s Oldest Male Rider, Tom Kubeczka, and 2010’s Most Experienced Female Rider, Joy Seidel. Cowpokes’ Terry Shupak and Gary Shupak also represent the Salt Grass Trail Ride as Scouts. Wagon Founder and Owner, Thomas Kubeczka, is a Charter Member of the wagon, as are Lisa Stark Kaspar and James Kubeczka.