Wagon 3
"Reese Lockett Wagon"

Wagon Boss: Bill Franks
Assistant Wagon Boss: Marciano Leyva
Mule Skinner:


Reese Lockett, a Salt Grass Trail Ride founder, added his wagon to the ride in 1954.  At that time, the group was known as the Brenham Wagon, later to be designated the Reese Lockett Wagon.  Lockett's original wagon, carefully maintained over the years, is still in use today. Breakfast and dinner meals are still cooked over an open campfire in accordance with Mr. Lockett's wishes.  In the fall of 1962, Mr. Lockett passed the wagon on to Frank and Alice Lenich, asking that they carry on the tradition and originality of the group for as long as possible. Alice Lenich rode with Wagon 3 for more than 45 years, longer than any other member of the group.  Wagon Boss Bill Franks serves as the Salt Grass Chuck Wagon Boss and Don Hildebrandt is a former Salt Grass Trail Boss who still serves on the SGT Executive Committee.