Wagon 5
"Circle S Association"

Wagon Boss: Kevin Enke
Assistant Wagon Boss: Chuck Coates
Mule Skinner: Susan Coates


Circle S joined the Salt Grass Trail in 1954 with Jack Frost, Buck Conner, and Carl Smith.  Carl Smith was brought in to make Wagon 5 the official Harris County Wagon, as he was in office as the Tax Assessor, and the wagon was named Circle S in his honor.  Wagon 5 has approximately 40 riders.  I.H. Perry is their oldest rider, and Kendall Stephanow is the wagon's youngest rider.  I.H. Perry and C.B. Roberts have ridden the Salt Grass Trail since 1954, and along with David Smith, are Executive Committee Board Members and previous Salt Grass Trail Association Trail Bosses.  The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Trail Ride Committee selected Wagon 5 as Best Wagon in 2001.Ride Committee selected Wagon 5 as Best Wagon in 2001.