Wagon 7
"The Magnificent 7"

Wagon Boss: Jody Wren
Assistant Wagon Boss: Matt Devine
Mule Skinner: Renee Gressett & "Chalupe" Haynie


The Magnificent Seven joined the Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1984. The group has about 100 riders and has hosted a number of distinguished guests over the years, including Dr. Red Duke, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Former Texas State Comptroller John Sharp, News anchor Shara Fryer, and Former Texas Secretary of State Jack Rains. Distinguished members of the group are Johnny Montalbano, Steve Watson, Roy Elledge, Mike Johnston and Carolyn Faulk. Long-time riders include Angela Montalbano, Sandra Montalbano, Dan and Tammy Johnston, Michelle Mascari and Pam Wren. The Magnificent Seven wagon has won Best Wagon in the Houston Livestock and Rodeo parade multiple times