Wagon 8
"Lazy 8"

Wagon Boss: John Parmley
Assistant Wagon Boss:Rick Gilbert
Mule Skinner:
John Parmley & Rick Gilbert


Lazy 8 was formed by eight members of the Harris County Sheriff’s Posse, Dude Parmley, Frank E. Mann, George Cook, Jack White, Dr. R.D. Ward, George Allhouse, Ed Hallmark and Frank Trent. At the time, Dude Parmley was the Captain of the Posse.  Dude Parmley served as Trail Boss for the Salt Grass Trail from 1973-1975.
The Lazy 8 Wagon has participated in and contributed to the Salt Grass Trail Ride for over 50 years. Wagon 8 has won Best Show Wagon and Best Appearing Group for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Parade 12 times.
Group members have won Youngest/Oldest Rider Awards and Farthest Distance Traveled Awards many times.  Dude rode his horse every year on the Salt Grass Trail until he joined the Riders in the Sky in 2007.  Riders that represent Wagon 8 for the Salt Grass Trail are Steve Parmley and Traci Ivie who serve as Scouts. Ride for the Brand