Wagon 9
"Austin County Trail Drivers"

Wagon Boss: Jimmy Beckendorff
Assistant Wagon Boss: Brad Beckendorff
Mule Skinner: John Heinekee


Wagon 9, Austin County Trail Drivers, has made the Salt Grass Trail Ride since 1955. Gene Beckendorff named the wagon after the home county of the Beckendorff family, who has worked cattle in the area since the 1800s and drove cattle on the Salt Grass of the Southeast Texas Plains for winter pasture.
The group has 48 riders led by Wagon Boss Jimmy Beckendorff, who has made the ride since 1967. John Heineike is the oldest rider.  Milton Beckendorff currently serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee for the Salt Grass Trail Association.  He has made the Salt Grass Trail Ride for 54 years, longest of any Austin County member.